Pueblo Testimonials

“Everyone here is very welcoming and nice. I’ve been having physical therapy with Jacob for a few weeks, and he is hands down the best! He always makes sure to ask how I am feeling and when I’m in pain he directs me to the perfect stretch for the location of the pain. Jacob will let me know if I’m doing everything correctly or where I need to improve. I would highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy & Wellness and wellness to anyone and everyone!”

Tracy V.

“I was referred to Synergy by my Health Care Provider. From the moment I walked into the treatment center, I was impressed with the professionalism of the administrative staff and the
therapist’s commitment to improve my quality of life.
The treatment I needed was both varied and complex. I found the therapists to be extremely knowledgeable, caring and determined to improve my physical wellbeing which they did. The entire Synergy Team was focused on improving my quality of life, which they did.
I wouldn’t hesitate based upon my personal experience, to recommend anyone requiring high quality personally designed physical therapy intervention to Synergy. This team is awesome!”

Larry R

“I’ve been going here for about 3-4 weeks and I cant tell you its the best PT I’ve ever been to. Had a disc go in my back and the first day I could barely limp in and now I’m at the point where I’m doing light weight and moving around very good. I honestly am shocked at how fast they have gotten me to this point. Damon is super hands on and pays close attention to detail. I see this with every patient he is with. His knowledge is unmatched and I would highly recommend here. Its not your average place where they will just throw u on a machine and walk away. Every person is treated with the utmost importance. Looking forward to my next few weeks there and I feel better than ever!!”

Trenbologna S.

“Synergy is an awesome place to go get healed at. I was at the point where I was going to need a cane. Joe the owner zapped with an electrical acupuncture and I immediately felt better than I had in a long while. He and the staff are wonderful to us patients. Jacob is a wonderful therapist. He is thoughtful, funny, yet firm on you to make sure that you reach your goal. I recommend Synergy to anyone looking to recover in a timely manner.”

Ruqayya D.

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Elaine G.

“I am really impressed with the Physical Therapy received at Synergy P.T. and wellness. My surgery was difficult for me to deal with and now I find myself dealing with strangers. The therapists were very professional direct and kind. At no time did I feel pushed to hard or allowed to slack. Learning your healthy limits and how hard to push yourself with the goal of strengthening your extremity was made easy. Don’t get me wrong it was challenging but the environment was very positive and again I must say professional. I received the attention required as they visually monitored my movements and safety. At the end of each session any questions were answered. This made me work harder just to show them (and myself), I could complete the plan designed for me in a timely manner. My personal therapist was Derrick. I hope it is ok to mention names. I could see true dedication in your eyes when working with me. Keep up the good work.”

Tracey C.

“Going to Synergy for Physical Therapy has really been very beneficial for me, the staff is very friendly and welcoming and have helped me a great deal. They are very patient and caring when explaining the stretches and exercises they have me doing. They are all very nice and make going there a lot more pleasant than most appointments. I would recommend Synergy to anyone who needs PT and likes being treated by the best.”

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