Scar Reduction Method

Scar Reduction Method

August 7, 2022

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Scars can be an ultimate pain. Nobody likes to look at their body and see a big scar that just won’t go away. Alongside this very common cosmetic concern, scars actually also have a negative affect on our health.

Scars can also cause pain, have a negative affect on stress and heart rate variability, metabolism and circulation.

Using a revolutionary treatment method called Micro-Current Point Stimulation Scar Reduction Therapy(MPS-SRT), the appearance of scars and the negative effects they produce can be reduced and even eliminated. The way this treatment works is by using a small, handheld device that applies concentrated micro current into scar tissue to reduce the size of the scar, and encourage tissue elasticity. This is a non-invasive, safe, and painless technique.

How Will MPS-SRT Change the Appearance of My Scars?

Scar Reduction Therapy is proven to reduce the size of scars and makes them less visible. It also reduces “puckering.”

Clinical trials show a reduction in size of scars of 23.82% after just one session.

Pain Reduction

A plethora of research has proved that scars can actually be linked with various types of pain post-surgery, including Chronic Post Surgical Pain(CPSP), shoulder pain, back pain, body-wide “systemic” pain and neuropathic pain.

A study on the use of Microcurrent Point Stimulation applied to scars to treat chronic pain in 2017 found that after just one session, chronic pain in participants was reduced by 73%!



Improvement of Health and Vitality

MPS-SRT has been found to increase heart rate variability(HRV) by 38%! In case you didn’t already know, HRV is the measure of variation in time between each heartbeat. Your heart rate changes based on what activity you are doing, or other conditions present in the mind or body such as stress, pain, fatigue, excitement or relaxation. A higher HRV means that your body is resilient, and able to adapt well to changing situations. Lower heart rate variability can be a sign of health and vitality problems. Low HRV is related to conditions such as PTSD, depression, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.

Don’t let yourself struggle with scars and the issues they cause any longer! You can also experience the life-changing results of MPS-SRT by calling us today to schedule an appointment at 719-568-9790.


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