Physical Therapy: A Solution for Athletic Longevity

Physical Therapy: A Solution for Athletic Longevity

April 26, 2022


Many people live active, healthy lives enriched with activities such as walking, running, weightlifting, and sports. If you have found passion in being active, congratulations! You are on a path to a healthy, fulfilling life. But what happens if you can no longer do the things you love? With age, the body heals slower, and activities we used to be able to do day in and day out become harder. Over time many people develop back, hip knee and shoulder pain. If left unaddressed, what starts as minor aches and pains can progress to the point where you can no longer do the things you love, and that is where athletic longevity comes in.

Athletic longevity is the ability to stay athletic and active your entire life. Athletic longevity is a significant factor in having a long, happy life where you feel in control. When we lose athletic longevity, we can no longer do the things we love, and can feel helpless.

Athletic Longevity Professionals: Physical Therapists

If this sounds like you, consider seeing a physical therapist with training in correction of true “biomechanical dysfunction” because for active people it is critical that the true cause of the problem is not only accurately determined but comprehensively addressed. Doing that takes more skill and effort but it is the only way to find a long term solution.

A common mistake in treating pain is to treat the pain itself. No that is not a typo. What I mean by saying that is most often the pain itself is only a symptom of the true problem and the the actual dysfunction is in another part of the body. Treating the pain itself is a major mistake and will lead to the pain returning, many times worse than before, and can leave you frustrated and feeling like you “just have to live with it”. Do not fall into this trap, you should never just accept pain and the associated lack of ability to do things as a normal part of aging.

Finding the true pain or problem and comprehensively addressing that in the long term is always the goals of the Synergy team and all of our therapists have extensive training and experience in this specialty. This means you will be empowered with the skills and knowledge to keep the problem from coming back and will not be dependent on anyone to keep doing the things you love to do.

I Have Some Aches and Pains, But It’s Not That Bad

Physical therapy isn’t only for those who have reached a point that they can no longer do the activities they love. Physical therapy sessions are beneficial for anyone who notices weaknesses that have begun to get worse over time. Pain is a warning sign and a clue to what needs to be fixed and should not be ignored. A physical therapist can help you solve your problems before they get to a point of no return. If a person pushes through pain or injury, they may push themselves to permanent damage and face surgery or long lasting complications. Physical therapists can help you stop your aches and pains before they become serious. This will ensure that you are able to stay active, passionate, and healthy throughout your life. That is the key to athletic activity: addressing problems that may hurt us down the road. If you are committed to your health, seeing a physical therapist may be the key to continue doing what you love.

Seeing An Athletic Longevity Expert in Southern Colorado

Our physical therapists at Synergy are passionate about getting people back to doing what they love in the long term. If you would schedule a consultation with one of our therapists, call us at 719-568-9790.


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